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Rummy Bloc App Rummy Bloc Apk Rummy Bloc Download Bonus 51 Rs


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Friends, if you also like to play Rummy Game 🎯, then today I have brought for you the very best new gaming application called Rummy Bloc. App

Total 23 game types are given in Rummy Bloc App and you get ₹51 as signup bonus.
Will get which you can play the game as both of you can’t transfer this money to your account.

How To About in Rummy Bloc App

Friends, a total of 23 types of games have been given in Rummy Bloc App. You can’t make a lot of money playing your favorite game.
The Signup Bonus in this application is kept at ₹51, Minimum Add Cash is ₹100 and Maximum Add Cash is ₹50,000 and Minimum Withdraw is ₹100.

How To Download in Rummy Bloc App

Friends, if you want to download the Rummy Bloc App, then by clicking on the download button given in this article, you can download the App very easily, the following steps have been given to download the App, by following which you will be very successful. Can download easily.

Step 1. Click on the download button given in the article Click

Step 2. As soon as you click on the download button Download application
App will go in the list.

Step 3. After the App is downloaded, install it have to do it.

How To Available Game In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, a total of 23 types of games have been given in Rummy Block App, out of which you can earn money by playing the game you like to play and have good knowledge. Friends, every person has his own favorite game, so that is my favorite game. Dragon Vs Tiger, who do you like, play only that.

We have given the name and method of playing all the games in this application in Artica below, you can read and play the game.

1. Ludo – Friends, Ludo is such a game that almost every child, old and young, educated and uneducated people in the world know how to play.
In Ludo, the person who reaches Home first is the winner.

2. Dragon V/s Tiger – Friends, Dragon V/s Tiger is a game in which there are three types of slots, where the big husband comes, he is the winner, in which 2 times the money is received on 2 and 9 times the money on one side. .

3. 3 Teen Patti – Friends Teen Patti is such a game
In which 5 players can sit together and play, whoever has the highest husband in the given husband for the dealer is the winner.

4. Andar Bahar – Friends, inside out is a game in which there are 2 slots, both sides get 2 times the money and one gets 9 times the money.

5. Best of Five – Friends Best of Five is such a game, where you get 5 cards if you match the card distributed by the dealer in the work started by him then that player will win and he will get the winning money. will get.

6. Fishing War – Friends, Fishing War is such a game, if you are an expert in fishing, then you can earn fish mark and a lot of money in this game.

7. Card Roulette – Friends Car Roulette is a game which has slots in which 40 times 30 times 20 times 10 times and 4 slots are 5 * given by the dealer and if you keep putting money then you will be the winner.

8. IPL – Friends, everyone knows how to play IPL, so batting is done in it, the team which is the winner is called the winner.

How To Register In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, I hope you have downloaded the Rummy Bloc App, if you have downloaded it, now you will have to do Sin-up to get the Bonus, the following to do Sin-up. By following the given steps, you can easily sign up and get ₹ 51 Sin-up Bonus.

Step 1. Open the application to do Sin-up Have to do

Step 2. As soon as you open the app, you will Guest and login icons will be found.

Step 3. Clicking on the guest icon Will happen. As soon as click on the guest’s icon If you do, you will get to fill some details.

Step 4. You will get your 10 digit number in one number. Mobile number has to be filled.

Step 5. After adding mobile number 4,6,8 Or 10 digit password has to be entered in two places.

Step 6. After entering password in two places O T P icon has to be clicked as soon as o t p Click on the icon of your 4,6 digit OTP will come on the mobile number.

Step 7. After adding that otp as soon as click on ok Do it your signup will be successful And you will get a bonus of 51 ₹.

How To Refer And Earn In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, if you also want to earn a lot of money from this application, then you can earn a lot of money very easily, to earn a lot of money, you have to share the link of this application with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Will have to

In this way, as many friends download from the link sent by you, you will get download bonus and if you add money and play the game, then you will get 30% commission like if your friend recharges ₹ 100 then you will get 30% commission i.e. That you will get ₹ 30.

In this way you can earn a lot of money and make your life a blast.

How To Earn Without Investing Money In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, you have been given many ways to earn money in Rummy Bloc App. If you want to earn money without investing money in Rummy Bloc App, then share it with your friends and relatives through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You will get a commission of 30% if you follow the given rule, along with this you will also get a lot of bonus.

• Each player gives you ₹ 80 ₹ 90 and ₹ 100 Will give bonus

• If all players recharge ₹1000 in this app If they do, they become recognized players.

• Whatsapp friends you pass to your friends and the like share via facebook instagram telegram etc ca do.

* By sharing the link of the application in this way, you Can earn a lot of money.

How To Add Cash In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, you know that money is invested to earn money, until you invest money, you cannot earn money.

In this application, if you want to earn money, then first you have to add cash, in this the following steps are given to add cash, which you can follow and add cash.

Step 1. To add cash to the application Have to open

Step 2. As soon as you open the application, then Home The shop icon will appear on the page.

Step 3. After clicking on the icon of 100 Chips icon appears on mobile screen Will give in which minimum ₹ 100 and maximum Chips up to 50000 will be visible out of that Click on as much as you want
to add cash Will do and click on Pay Phone, Google Pay,Pay through Paytm etc. Can

How To Withdraw In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, if you want to withdraw the money won from this App, then you can withdraw the money very easily and you can send it to your account.

The following steps are given for Withdraw, you can follow it and make the withdrawal successful.

Step 1. App has to be opened.

Step 2. After opening the App, on the home page Withdrawal icon will appear click on it Have to do

Step 3. Now you will get to fill some details.

Step 4. Bank account will be created at the top.

Step 5. Ifsc code has to be filled.

Step 6. By filling your bank name, username etc. Withdraw icon like click Will the money go to your bank account Will go


Q.1. How much is the signup bonus at Rummy Bloc? Get.

Ans – Signup Bonus of ₹51 in Rummy Bloc App Get.

Q.2. How many games are there in Rummy Bloc App?

Ans – 23 types of games in Rummy Bloc 🎯 given.

Q.3. How much is the minimum withdrawal in Rummy Bloc App?Is placed.

Q.4. Minimum Withdrawal ₹100 in Rummy Bloc App Is placed.

Q.5. Maximum Withdrawal in Rummy Bloc App How much is kept

Ans – Maximum 100000 in Rummy Bloc App Withdraw has been kept.

How To Contract Number In Rummy Bloc App

Friends, when you open the Rummy Bloc App, the home page will open, there you will see the customer’s icon and you will see support written, click on it, then Chrome will appear, then by clicking on the chat, you can put your problem and chat can

Friends Rummy Block app has given total 22 types of day, play the game you play and how much it comes, the names of all the games given in this application are as follows

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